Feet are the link between the ground and our skeleton and they take a pounding every day. When you think about the distance that your feet cover in a day, week, month and year you begin to appreciate the important role your feet play and how easily problems can be caused due to the stresses that are placed on the foot.

Orthotics are devices that are used to control and correct abnormal foot function. These specially designed devices are worn inside the shoe. Correctly designed orthotics will not only correct foot function but will realign crucial biomechanical abnormalities.

Orthotics come in many different forms. Global Health Plus design orthotics to fit inside most types of shoes (which has long been a problem for other orthotic devices). They can be used for many different conditions, from childhood through to adulthood. They are used by sports men and women, children, tradepersons, the elderly and people in occupations that have to be on their feet all day such as chefs, shop assistance nurses etc. Most professional athletes and even people that only compete in fun runs have specially designed orthotics to assist in increasing their performance.

Some orthotics are quite comfortable and you may not notice them being inside your shoe while others sometimes initiate pain while the device correctly aligns the foot. This will not be long term and normally subsides once the correction in the biomechanics of the foot has taken place. The orthotic will normally last for several years.

Global Health Plus produces orthotics that are truly custom-made from a pliable composition, specifically designed to suite the individual’s foot type. The latest high-tech machinery ensures the highest quality orthotic is produced.