Musculoskeletal Assessment & Screening

Prevention will always be better than treatment. Examination of the musculoskeletal system serves 3 main purposes:

1.      To determine the cause of existing physical problems;

2.     To assist in the prevention of injuries in the future; and

3.     To maximise performance.

The information we gain during a musculoskeletal assessment and screening test ensures that any underlying injuries are indentified. Furthermore, they provide diagnostic clues relating to abnormalities of function that may be improved with an appropriate treatment plan.

These examinations can help for people who are starting a new activity, whether that be a new job or a sport, or concerned about the physical health of their body. They can help determine if the person may be at risk of injuring themselves due to the type of activities that they may be doing and the lack of range of motion or strength that they actually have.

It is also important that the person collecting the information has the broad medical knowledge and ability to make an accurate evaluation of the findings. At Global Health Plus, you can be sure Dr Trevor Law has the expertise to make an accurate and reliable assessment.

A musculoskeletal assessment and screening test has to be specific to the individual’s circumstance. For instance, in relation to sport, each examination is undertaken in line with the requirements of the sport that the athlete has engaged in. Once the data has been gathered, the application of the findings takes precedence. An athlete that has biomechanical deficiencies will reflect the problem (which may be referred pain) in many parts of their body. During the screening, information gathered must then be followed up to ensure a good outcome for the athlete is achieved.

There are many athletes who experience recurring pain. A comprehensive screening can identify the underlying cause and exact proper treatment. But it’s not only athletes that benefit from screenings. Whether you are old or young; a sportsperson or not; a musculoskeletal assessment and screening test is of major benefit to any biomechanical problem.