Patient Information


So your examination can be completed quickly, please have your method of payment including your Medicare, Health or Pension Card with you when you arrive for an appointment. If your examination relates to a Workcover claim, please have the claim number and any relevant details at hand.

Our practice operates on an appointment system to minimise delays and inconvenience to you. Patients who require urgent attention are seen as soon as possible after discussion between the referring doctor.

Our staff are committed to providing a friendly, personalised and caring service to ensure that your comfort and privacy is guaranteed and you are provided with the best treatment.

Some tests require preparation; if you are unsure what to do, ask our staff prior to your appointment and download one of our patient information brochures located in the ‘Services’ section on this site.

Appointment Checklist:

  • Bring your referral
  • Bring previous films
  • Your Privacy:

    Privacy is important to your medical care. At Global Health Plus we are committed to protecting our patients’ privacy, through explaining our practices, only collecting and disclosing medical information with patients’ consent, and resolving any privacy-related problems as quickly as possible.

    Amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 require private sector organisations to protect the privacy of an individual’s personal information.

    Global Health Plus will protect your privacy by:

  • Only obtaining information about your health with your consent;
  • Keeping your health information secure;
  • Giving you access to the information we have concerning you;
  • Not disclosing this information outside the organisation without your consent;
  • Allowing you to withdraw your consent at any stage;
  • Ensuring a process for working with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to resolve any complaints that cannot be resolved directly with you;
  • Providing written procedures and instructions to staff to ensure that privacy sensitive processes are adhered to;
  • Continuing to review and improve our privacy practices.
  • Feedback:

    If you would like to provide us with feedback relating to how we have treated you, your personal information, or privacy generally, please get in touch.

    Any complaints received will be investigated and we will endeavor to respond to you within 14 days.

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