I started jogging at 27 years of age and running competitively at 48. By 56 I had completed 15 marathons -3 being the 6ft Track in Katoomba, a challenging 45kms off road marathon.  In 2010 at a boot camp session I sustained a serious knee injury and believed my running days  were over.  I was recommended by my family doctor to see Dr Trevor Law and started Platelets-Rich Plasma Injections in December 2010. I continued with these injections through 2011 (in conjunction with slow running and knee strengthening exercises) with the last injection being in March 2012 with the aim to run another 6ft Track in March 2012. Unfortunately, the run did not go ahead in 2012 due to bad weather conditions however, I have just completed the 2013 6ft Track in 6hours 42mins and without any injuries. I’m now starting to train for my next event!

~ Catherine Motalto ~ PRP Patient

After breaking my leg in several places (including the tibial plateau) I have had chronic leg and joint pain.   There was significant damage on part of the joint where it is bone on bone and I was advised this would eventually lead to a knee replacement. I was looking for ways of extending the period before a full knee replacement. The customised orthotics that Dr Law prescribed have moved the pressure point away from the damaged area.  This has significantly reduced the pain in my knee. 
I have no hesitation in recommending the use of orthotics in cases similar to mine where the adjustment to the knee geometry can be utilised to move the wear area away from the damaged area.
 ~ Stevan Vujovic ~ Orthotics Patient

Being the National Technical Director of Football Federation Australia, I have known Dr Trevor Law for the last four years and worked closely with him in the Australian National Teams in the FIFA U20 World Cups and the Asian U19 Championship. He has vast experience and medical knowledge and competency in dealing with general and sports medical issues which can be very challenging while travelling abroad and during International competitions. He has been an integral part of the Technical/ Medical Staffs with Football Federation Australia since 1995.

~ Han Berger ~ National Technical Director,  Football Federation Australia

In his time with us, Dr Trevor Law has been instrumental in his application and dedication to our athletes. His attention to their personal care and significant medical expertise has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

~ Fernando Alves ~ A.I.S Coach, Australian National Youth Goal Keeper Coach