About Global Health Plus

Global Health Plus caters for patients who have suffered musculoskeletal problems which may be a result of sporting or exercise-based injury. We examine all areas of your condition and provide ongoing follow-up if the problem identified requires medical intervention.

We understand that active people need to have correct and stable biomechanics. When performance is crucial and stresses at their maximum it’s important for joint ligaments and bones to be working in a stable environment. The effects of poor structure can spread out to the whole musculoskeletal system including knees, hips, ankles, back and neck. Many athletes have ended careers early due to underlying biomechanical abnormalities.

Global Health Plus provides a range of treatment options. These include Musculoskeletal Assessment & Screening which aims to prevent future injury occurring; tailored Orthotics to increase biomechanical stability and now two breakthrough medical treatments – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections; and Stem Cell Therapy.

Our comprehensive services ensures our patients are given the best chance for injury management and recovery.